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Shaping the future of conservation through innovative education and training.


The Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation is the top choice of students and professionals seeking to explore the scientific, social, economic, and emotional values of biodiversity. Our alumni are empowered to make significant contributions to the development of a conservation-literate world, and to the integration of species conservation into national and international policies, programs, and action.


Lifelong learning

We promote a culture of inquiry, a drive to discover, and encourage the ongoing exploration of knowledge and best practices.


We are practice-oriented and approach conservation challenges with creativity, versatility, and adaptability.


We foster a transdisciplinary approach across fields of knowledge that leads to new understanding and solutions.


We recognize the contributions and collaboration of diverse cultures, academic disciplines, and organizations.


We model conservation leadership that is ethical, transparent, and forward-looking.


We are deeply committed to sustaining biodiversity and serving the conservation community.


We are dedicated to the responsible stewardship of resources in every aspect of our operations, including green facilities.