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The Multi-purpose template is your standard template for pages that are mostly body text or that have a sidebar. Choose it from the Template drop-down menu in the Page Attributes box in the back-end sidebar.

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4 (Use heading styles in order for accessibility compliance)

Intro paragraph text style (optional). Keep to about 35 words or less. This style is under the Formats drop-down menu in the WYSIWYG toolbar; highlight text and select to apply.

Paragraph text is a choice in the text styles drop-down menu in the WYSIWYG toolbar. It is available in most of your components (excepting headers and buttons, which are styled by CSS and don’t allow for as many styling options).

WYSIWYG styling options include:

  • Headers level 2-4
  • Strong/Bold
  • Emphasis/Italics
  • Bullets and numbered lists
  • Block quote style
  • Inline links

Go link style

Button link style

Floating Images in the Text

a hand holding a tortoise
Image or video floated right. Could also be floated left. Option to include a caption/credit.

Use the Add Media button at the top of the WYSIWYG to add inline images. Place the cursor where you want it to go (usually just before a section of paragraph text), then click Add Media and choose or upload your image. The caption and photo credit are controlled in the Edit section of the image library selector window. Once it’s placed on the page, select the image and choose align left or align right from the icons in the pop-up box, or select the pencil icon to edit. In that Edit dialog, you can set the alignment and choose whether you want it to display at thumbnail, medium, or full size. No matter what size you choose, floating it right or left will limit it to half the column width, so the text can wrap around it.

Adding Videos in the Text

Videos are also added via the Add Media button in the WYSIWYG toolbar. Click it, select “Insert from URL” in the left-side menu, and paste the link to your video on YouTube to embed it in the page. You can also place videos in the Media Factoid component, if you want to separate them from the body text. 

Block quote style emphasizes a passage in a long block of text. It works best for multi-line passages, and is available by highlighting paragraph text and clicking the quotation marks icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar. 

a hand holding a tortoise

Callout with Image Added

Images are optional, this is what a Callout item looks like if you add one. Keep callout body text short, usually 25 words or less.

Green callout

This is the same Callout component, with no image and Green style box checked and optional button link added.

Callout with Linked Title

Same Callout item again, with optional link turned on for the title. Callout items will automatically stack to fit different screen widths.

Single Callout

Single Callout has the same style options as the Callouts above, but stretches to fill the entire width of the column.



a hand holding a tortoise

Callout with Image

The same Callout component is available in the sidebar, with the same style options. Add/edit them in the right sidebar on the back-end form.

Text-Only Callout

Callouts can link in the title or in a button below. Buttons are recommended for calls to action only, and their labels should be 18 characters or less.

Green Callout Box

Callouts work best if they’re about 25 words or fewer. If a sidebar callout makes the sidebar extend below the body text on a page at desktop view, use a callout in the main text column instead.


Anneke DeLuycker
Assistant Professor of Conservation Studies