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Danielle Zona and Karis Daniel hug and smile for the camera

Last fall, two students from our new partner Wilson College joined us for our undergraduate semester programs in conservation biology. Karis Daniel took the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation semester and Danielle Zona studied Conservation, Biodiversity, and Society.

Karis, a biology major graduating in 2018, had this to say about her time in a Smithsonian-Mason program:

“Something that has not ceased to impress me since the day I arrived is a constant feeling of wonder. We’re surrounded by some of the greatest minds in science, working alongside them on projects that I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around, in one of the leading research institutions in the world.

Every day here has served as a reminder of how much I don’t know, and how dedicated, passionate, and persistent the professionals within this field are.”

As part of the partnership, SMSC reserves six spots for Wilson College students each semester in the undergraduate programs, and 100% of the credits they earn here are guaranteed to transfer toward their degrees back at Wilson. Wilson College faculty can also use the SCBI facilities to teach a course or conduct research.

Watch a video about Karis and Danielle’s experience, or read an article with more information on the partnership on the Wilson College website.

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