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The Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (SMSC) is pleased to announce Charles Coddington has been awarded the 2018 ConocoPhillips Conservation Research Fellowship. Mr. Coddington graduated in May 2018 from George Mason University with a master’s degree in Biology. He will pursue his PhD in Environmental Science and Public Policy in the fall. Mr. Coddington began studying tropical mixed-species antbird flocks while working as a field assistant in the Peruvian Amazon. His research explores the differences in survival and fecundity of mixed-species flocks in fragmented forest habitats with a specific interest in modeling how forest structure and configuration influence mixed species flock membership and fitness, and determining how the habitat structure of regenerating forest fragments facilitates the return of biodiversity.


With gratitude to the ConocoPhillips Corporation for their generosity, we congratulate Charles Coddington on his selection, and look forward to his continued achievements at Mason.

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