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Getting Here

Our site is about an hour’s drive from Washington, DC. Participants have the option of driving directly, or meeting our shuttle at Dulles International Airport (IAD).  All participants arriving the day before the course starts are encouraged to arrive at SMSC between 5pm and 7 pm but must arrive no later than 10 pm.

A single arrival shuttle is provided from Dulles International Airport (IAD), departing from IAD at 4:30 p.m. on the afternoon before your course begins (typically Sunday). If your flight options are limited, you should plan to arrive the night before (typically Saturday) and book overnight accommodation in the Dulles-Washington, DC vicinity, so you can meet the Sunday afternoon shuttle.

Travelers will meet the shuttle driver in front of the Starbucks Coffee Shop at the International Arrivals area at Dulles International Airport (IAD). See a map of the meeting spot

If you’re arriving from outside the U.S, plan about two hours to clear customs and immigration.

At the end of the course, a single departing shuttle is provided from SMSC to IAD at 8:00 a.m. on the first morning after the course concludes.

Alternately, you can arrange a taxi from IAD to SMSC (or SMSC to IAD) for approximately $130.

*NOTE:  The SMSC campus is approximately two miles from the town of Front Royal.  Participants without personal vehicles will need to contact a local taxi company if transportation into town is needed.

Housing on Campus

For those staying on campus in our Residence Hall, bedrooms are double-occupancy (single rooms available at additional cost) and are equipped with their own restroom facilities (shower, sink, toilet).

Each bedroom is furnished with:

  • Two extra-long twin beds
  • Two dressers
  • Two desks with shelves
  • Two chairs
  • A phone that receives outside calls
  • Free wireless internet and ethernet connections

Residence hall amenities include:

  • Linens: Linens, pillows, and towels are provided, but participants must launder them as needed.
  • Laundry facilities: Four free washers and dryers are available for use.

See a list of what to bring

Dining Commons

The Dining Commons is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week during training programs. If you’ve purchased a meal plan, your room key card will act as your meal card during your course and must be swiped at the Dining Commons cash register before each meal. Commuters will be required to purchase a lunch plan but may opt to purchase the full meal package at the time of registration.

Before arriving, be sure to complete the Course Participant Information Form, providing relevant information regarding any allergies or other medical conditions. Please bring with you any relevant documentation necessary in the case of a medical emergency.

Mason Alert

Mason Alert is George Mason University’s emergency notification system that is used to send emergency notifications and timely warnings to the university community via text, email, telephone call, and digital signage.  It is highly recommended that all participants attending an SMSC program enroll in this notification system to stay informed in the event of an emergency.  Text masonalert to 226787 to receive text messages about emergencies on campus and changes to campus operations.  Notifications can be stopped by texting STOP to 226787.