ConocoPhillips Water and Biodiversity Stewardship Certificate

SMSC is excited to announce the ConocoPhillips Water and Biodiversity Stewardship Certificate.  This is a pilot program to enhance educational training opportunities for professionals working in applied conservation and resource management who seek to expand their knowledge base and technical capacity to help meet the water and biodiversity cnservation needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Highly specialized courses offer in-depth explorations of advanced topics in applied conservation studies.
  • Courses cover a diverse selection of topics focusing on biodiversity conservation ranging from adaptive management, to statistics in ecology and conservation, to field monitoring of birds and mammals
  • Course participants have a rare opportunity to interact to mutual benefit in a hands-on situation with researcher and practitioners from around the world who are drawn to the resources offered by the SMSC/SCBI partnership.

More About the Certificate:

The five-course certificate will be anchored by the foundation course Conservation for Development Professionals:  Strategies for Implementing Biodiversity Action Plans for the Private Sector.  

Other course topics include:

Estimating Animal Abundance and Occupancy – MCCS 0511

Species Monitoring and Conservation Migratory Birds – MCCS 0513

Statistics for Ecology and Conservation Biology – MCCS 0501

Adaptive Management – MCCS 0518

Spatial Ecology, Geospatial Analysis, and Remote Sensing for Conservation – MCCS 0500