Academic Center

Rear wing of Academic Center, including offices and teaching labs, with courtyard in foreground.

Our new Academic Center sits in the center of SCBI’s central campus, and demonstrates many of the sustainable design features that were a focus in the building planning process. The classroom wing is a renovation of a previous animal research facility, and the roofs of both wings have recycled the original ceramic roofing tiles from the original buildings. Rainwater gardens will sit alongside the walls of the inner courtyard, and the teaching labs will be covered with a green roof, which will serve as the entrance-way to the faculty and staff offices.

The classroom wing, in the foreground of the picture to the right, features 2 flexible seating classrooms, a computer lab and a distance learning classroom. Course participants can walk either through the open courtyard, or along an internal hallway to the 2-story wing, which houses the training labs and offices. Three training labs each support a capacity of 24, and all feature standard laboratory features (e.g. sinks, built-in shelving and benches), but each was designed with different courses in mind. A larger central lab was designed to house our Non-Invasive Genetic Techniques course, among others, and has direct access to a laboratory prep area, refrigerators and freezers. On either side of this lab sit smaller labs, one designed to house our field ecology courses, with a large storage/mud room, museum cabinets and aquaria, the other designed to serve as a general use lab, and outfitted with a series of different hood types.

One of 3 teaching labs in the new Academic Center

Above the labs sit our faculty and staff offices, which overlook the central courtyard of the Academic Center (pictured to the right) as well as the green roof entrance. This open space will feature a covered outdoor classroom space for those days when staying indoors is not an option.